Equilibrium Guide

4 min readNov 10, 2021

This is a guide on how to deposit and withdraw funds on Yel.finance Equilibrium.

The guide is provided by DAO community(Thanks DvD).

Equilibrium is the first DeFi automated portfolio manager that invests on DeFi farming pools resembling the work of an ETF: you just have to choose one of the three risk levels and deposit an amount of dollar value.

We talk about dollar value and not single tokens because once deposited these values get swapped and invested on many farms all across DeFi: the low risk pool may invest at the same time on USDC/ETH, USDC/DAI, DAI/ETH, and others. Depositing on Equilibrium you get a diversified investment continuously optimized for the best APY second the risk level.

However, we still need a medium to deposit a dollar value in a pool: we chose to use for this mean the native coin of each chain we are deployed to — that is $ETH on Ethereum, $FTM on Fantom, $MATIC on Polygon and $BNB on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Be aware that once you deposit chain native tokens they get swapped for something else and differentiated: if you deposit 20 $BNB you are no more holding those 20 $BNB, you are holding some farming positions dynamically managed by Equilibrium, which — usually — it’s better.

When it’s pay-time and you withdraw your position, Equilibrium will disinvest from all the farming pools in proportion to your request amount, swap all the tokens received to $YEL and use it for your check out.

Once withdrew you can convert those $YEL in any token you want, stables or native chain, as usual.

How to deposit

To use Equilibrium you need to deposit the chain native currency, that is $FTM for use since we will use Fantom network in this example. Go to https://yel.finance/eq and select the network you wish to use.

1 — Choose the network

Then click on a vault under the network chosen.

2 — Choose the risk level

Now you can choose between the three risk levels:

  • H2O is the low risk, less than medium APY
  • Tesla is the medium risk, medium APY
  • Frankenstein is the more than medium risk, high APY

In this example we chose Frankenstein pool

Click on the “Deposit” button under the risk level you want to deposit into.

3 — Deposit

A popup appears: enter the amount of chain token you with to deposit ($FTM in our example) and press “Deposit”. You need to approve the transaction on your wallet and wait for it to complete.
It may fail because of high slippage: in that case try again.

4 — Check your position

Once the deposit transaction get executed you will see your position value in USD and total share of the pool.

How to withdraw

Withdraw for security reason is a two step process.

1 — Request a withdraw

Click on “Withdraw” button under the position you want to withdraw.

2 — Specify the amount

Specify the amount you want to withdraw: you can click on “Max” and withdraw all your position or you can withdraw just a part of your deposit.

For this beta the number that you will put here is not USD or $YEL or $FTM: these are the position tokens you have. We will show the approximated USD value in the next UI version.

Then press “Request Withdraw”.

3 — Wait for confirmation

You have to wait for some blocks before finishing the withdraw, here you can read how many block are left. It’s a matter of seconds or few minutes.

4 — Claim $YEL

After the number of blocks needed to confirm the withdraw are passed you can click on “Claim Yel” to claim the $YEL now available to fetch.

Accept on your wallet the transaction and that’s it: You have $YEL on your wallet. You can stake those on our Yel Staking Pools or you can convert them to other tokens as usual.

— — —

About Yield Enhancement Labs:

We are a multichain yield enhancement and aggregation platform with several automated farming strategies. Our mission is to build an ecosystem, with looped demand for YEL tokens, while helping projects to jump-start their liquidity or gather extra holders, and maximizing yields and ROI through our protocols.
More information can be found in our gitbook:

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YEL or Yield Enhancement Labs is a next-generation DeFi yield enhancement platform powered by Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, FTM and Polygon (to start!)