If the overall market has you down , the Yield Enhancement Labs team has some exciting news to share and keep you hyped for this week! We are continuing to build the YEL platform and rollout additional collaborations and have a couple updates to share. 🥳

1. We are announcing a partnership with Tomb Finance 💀 and plan to Incentivizing LP holders as well as YEL/TOMB LP in the future. Check them out at or on twitter at @tombfinance. In addition, we are hoping to incorporate many of the tomb believers and holders as part of the YEL community and will be airdropping 500 000 YEL tokens to TOMB/FTM LP holders!. Here is the list of wallets:

2. We also are delighted to let you know that the Dev team finished their work on Chromosome contract! 🤝 This is going to be a huge benefit for YELLERS! As a reminder, Chromosome will allow users to utilize their existing LP’s which they use on various exchanges to farm the rewards. The contract will provide the opportunity to add additional YEL rewards to existing programs such as Sushi/Cake/ and provide the best yields for farmers while utilizing the YEL platform!

We continue to make progress to plan and are excited for the upcoming launch, IDO, and airdrops. More details will be provided soon. To keep up with the latest news and announcements don’t forget to follow the announcement channel here and us on Twitter @YEL_Finance! 🥂



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