New opportunities with YEL for HARVEST

About Yield Enhancement Labs:

We are a multichain yield enhancement and aggregation platform with several automated farming strategies. Our mission is to build an ecosystem, with looped demand for YEL tokens, while helping projects to jump-start their liquidity or gather extra holders, and maximizing yields and ROI through our protocols.
More information can be found in our gitbook:

About Harvest Finance:

Harvest is an asset management platform that maximizes yield for assets deposited by users. Harvest reduces gas costs and develops cutting-edge strategies to become the stop-shop of yield farming in DeFi.

How to use your iFARM with YEL?

Visit and follow the Spectre section. Make sure you connect your wallet and choose ETH network.



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YEL or Yield Enhancement Labs is a next-generation DeFi yield enhancement platform powered by Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, FTM and Polygon (to start!)