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2 min readJul 30, 2021


We are live now. After a successful and amazing IDO, we have successfully sold more than 40 000 000 YEL Tokens. Staking is live with 4X booster for LP farms but only for a limited time, so don’t miss this great opportunity to earn $YEL rewards here.

Main Pools Launched :

1. LP staking is live for the below mentioned pairs with current APR.

  • ETH/YEL : 1857.35% annually
  • BNB/YEL : 1953.95% annually
  • MATIC/YEL : 1034.62% annually
  • FTM/YEL : 1415.16% annually

Provide liquidity on SushiSwap for ETH/YEL, ApeSwap for BNB/YEL, QuickSwap for MATIC/YEL and SpookySwap for FTM/YEL and stake your LP tokens on https://yel.finance/spectre to earn $YEL rewards along with their native platform rewards which includes earning share of 0.25% from fees at QuickSwap and SushiSwap, share of 0.15% from fees at ApeSwap and share of 0.2% from fees at SpookySwap.

2. Single Side Staking for YEL is live for all four networks with current APR.

Ethereum Network : 448.51% annually

Binance Smart Chain Network: 312.97% annually

Matic Network : 436.42% annually

Fantom Network : 600.70% annually

Stake your YEL on any of the network on https://yel.finance/spectre and earn juicy rewards in $YEL.

Yield Enhancement will be live soon for:

  • PICKLE/WETH rewarding with $PICKLE + $SUSHI + $YEL
  • RULER/WETH rewarding with $RULER + $SUSHI + $YEL
  • BANANA /BNB LPs rewarding with $BANANA + $YEL
  • Stablecoin 3Pool from Nerve Finance rewarding with $NRV + $YEL
  • BOO/FTM LPs rewarding with $BOO + $YEL
  • SPIRIT/FTM LPs rewarding with $SPIRIT + $YEL
  • TOMB/FTM LPs rewarding with $TOMB + $YEL
  • WAKA/FTM LPs rewarding with $WAKA + $YEL
  • dQUICK -single side stacking rewarding with $YEL
  • WEXpoly/MATIC LPs rewarding with $WEXpoly + $YEL

You can stake your LP tokens and single side tokens on https://yel.finance/spectre and earn rewards in $YEL along with their native platform rewards where you are providing liquidity.

And that’s not it… More cool staff to come:

  1. Governance
  2. Equilibrium
  3. Centrifuge

Follow our announcements and join YEL family!

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YEL or Yield Enhancement Labs is a next-generation DeFi yield enhancement platform powered by Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, FTM and Polygon (to start!)