YEL New Year Resolution

2022 Strategical Focus

Equilibrium Development

  • start buy-backs from fees obtained by the Equilibrium;
  • continue marketing to raise awareness on it;
  • create explanatory materials for users to understand how it works;
  • add new strategies on every chain and vault; and
  • … create a Super Risky vault aka “Degen Special”! It will automatically allocate capital into several staking and farming protocols and rebalancing positions reaching 100000% APY! It will be freaking printing money for users and fees for YEL.
  • update EQ page and introduce analytics;
  • as we are moving to Avalanche, EQ will be also operating on Avalanche;
  • look into the possibility of including strategies or even vaults with leveraging farming;
  • Equilibrium 2.0 (“just wait for it … it’s gonna be … le … legendary!”).


Launching Lending & Borrowings Market

Avalanche Expansion

Platform Redesign

Equilibrium UI/UX Design Concept

Spectre 2.0

Governance & DAO Restructuring



Implementation of Cross-Chain Arbitrage & Multi-Chain Bridge

2022 BackLog

  • adding “Swap” page on our platform powered by partners’ routers;
  • Yel validation nodes;
  • further and more in-depth incorporation of leveraging trading/farming into our products;
  • a launchpad for IDOs;
  • seed investments into other DeFi protocols.

Summing up

Best Wishes



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YEL or Yield Enhancement Labs is a next-generation DeFi yield enhancement platform powered by Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, FTM and Polygon (to start!)