YEL New Year Resolution

Part 2 – 2022 Plans

5 min readJan 10, 2022

This article is written by the whole core team as a part of our New Year Resolution. The first part that you are reading reflects and summarizes our 2021. The second part tells about our 2022 plans.

2022 Strategical Focus

Long story short, we will be BUIDLing no matter what because BUIDL is the only key to protocol’s success in DeFi. Generally, our BUIDL strategy will be focused on 3 main principles: (i) making Yel Finance an all-in-one stop in DeFi; (ii) creating and/or adopting DeFi innovations; and (iii) user-oriented approach.

But you guys want more insides, right? Let us just share our plans and ideas for 2022. Call it a roadmap.

Equilibrium Development

Creating an innovative product is not enough for it to succeed. We are more than sure that it will be forked soon or later. Most likely later, as it is so complex that forking it will take time, but still.

In Q1 we will:

  • start buy-backs from fees obtained by the Equilibrium;
  • continue marketing to raise awareness on it;
  • create explanatory materials for users to understand how it works;
  • add new strategies on every chain and vault; and
  • … create a Super Risky vault aka “Degen Special”! It will automatically allocate capital into several staking and farming protocols and rebalancing positions reaching 100000% APY! It will be freaking printing money for users and fees for YEL.

Our long-time plans include (Q2-Q4):

  • update EQ page and introduce analytics;
  • as we are moving to Avalanche, EQ will be also operating on Avalanche;
  • look into the possibility of including strategies or even vaults with leveraging farming;
  • Equilibrium 2.0 (“just wait for it … it’s gonna be … le … legendary!”).


In 2022 we will introduce xYEL Token (similar to the xSUSHI model) while bringing emission to 0. Users will single-stake YEL, receive xYEL as proof of their deposit and in order to participate in voting. Fees generated by the protocol will be used to buy YEL from the market, hence pushing the price up, and distributed among xYEL holders. Hence, when withdrawing xYEL you will receive a larger amount of YEL, which will be consisting of deposited YEL and fees gained. xYEL will be a fully composable token, meaning that it can interact with other protocols. xYEL to be introduced in late Q1 — mid Q2.

Launching Lending & Borrowings Market

Yep, surprise-surprise, we are launching a separate product for borrowing & lending. We will fork Aave and incorporate it into the mad scientists’ ecosystem. The main reason for that is that lending and especially borrowing is of great interest and demand to DeFi users, and it will provide Yel with extra liquidity and TVL.

Avalanche Expansion

The heading says it all. Avalanche & Joe, we are coming. When? Q2 planned, but let’s see how it goes (means there is a possibility of late Q1 deployment).

Platform Redesign

In Q2 we’ll deploy a totally new website, that will have a more simplified, user-friendly, and stylish UI/UX design. The website will be split into two parts: app and landing pages. The app will be the first to be deployed, shortly followed by the landing page. Analytics sections will be added.

I know you want it, so here is your sneak peek into the prototype of a new design:

Equilibrium UI/UX Design Concept

Please, mind that it is still a draft, but doesn’t it look sexy already?

Spectre 2.0

Spectre is one of the products we want to evolve in 2022. We will be working on 3 components of Spectre: (i) new partners’ farms; (ii) autocompounding farms; and (iii) leveraged farming. Also, we will encourage our community to vote on farms that will be enhanced by YEL. Massive Spectre update is expected to be done in Q2.

Governance & DAO Restructuring

While the governance page will be executed in a more convenient and user-friendly format, we are planning to encourage the DAO to participate more effectively in the protocols lifecycle. A notion should be made that our community aka DAO is already active, we always mentioned that we want our DAO to be more active every day.

It is not a secret that the upcoming trend in DeFi will be DAOs and their structure. We are planning to start a discussion on restructuring our DAO into a more efficient structure. We expect that except for team proposal, community proposals to be introduced and voted on at the same time. This is expected to start in late Q2 — early Q3 after we all can see how landmark protocols have decided to structure their DAOs, so we can reflect on that.


Will be deployed after Equilibrium and Spectre updates, approximately Q3. This is not a priority at the moment, but a nice bonus to have within our protocol.


We will continue to form new partnerships that will be focused on integrating our products to partners’ protocols or partners to join our existing product, as well as raising awareness on our protocol, creating new collaborations or even products, or just mutual assistance and experience sharing.

Implementation of Cross-Chain Arbitrage & Multi-Chain Bridge

This is subject to community voting but is on a roadmap. Discussion and proposals to start in late Q1.

2022 BackLog

In our backlog we have the following ideas for community discussion and voting:

  • adding “Swap” page on our platform powered by partners’ routers;
  • Yel validation nodes;
  • further and more in-depth incorporation of leveraging trading/farming into our products;
  • a launchpad for IDOs;
  • seed investments into other DeFi protocols.

Summing up

So far this is how our plan for 2022 looks:

But, please, mind that we reserve the right to change the estimates or the order of deliverables, in cases where DAO decides otherwise, the core team reasonably considers so, and the community does not object, and in other unpredictable circumstances.

Best Wishes

You thought we will forget to wish you all something? No way!

In 2022 we wish you all the best, stay safe and healthy, and take care of yourself, love, and be loved. Now to serious wishes: always get the best Alpha possible, don’t invest in meme coins, no more FOMO and NGMI, only WAGMI, and stay tuned with Yel Finance.

Gonna be a fun year!

P.S. “Do what you want with that information”.