YEL New Year Resolution

2021 Reflection

What did we achieve in 2021 in numbers?

  • we sold 35,000,000 YEL tokens during the 3-day IDO;
  • hosted 15+ different farms on Spectre;
  • at one moment YEL price went up 1800% per day;
  • gained 35,000+ users with 750,000+ transfers executed over 4 chains;
  • created a unique innovative product called Equilibrium or simply the first automated farming and yield management contract, operating on 3 chains, with a total of 9 vaults, using at least 18 strategies, monitoring 50+ farms and APY reaching up to 7000%;
  • based on a real case scenario, we saw that Equilibrium is generating roughly 7–9% fees for the protocol per month from the TVL. What is awesome, and now we just need to raise awareness and build more strategies;
  • gathered a community of approximate 30,000 mad scientists called “Yellers”;
  • 2 official audits, approximate 10+ internal & partner audits, 200 hours+ of testing by the team lead to 0 security breaches;
  • partnered with 15+ projects;
  • 1 surprise CEX listing that was not planned (thanks, HotBit);
  • team members successfully survived this year with: 5 covid cases, 100+ daily DMs “wen airdrop/lambo” and inability to sleep cause they are bullish on their work too much.


Xmas NFT Created by our OGs for a community contest

Best Wishes



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